How to Spot a Good Coffee Shop

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Authentic small business retail is a large part of the fabric of a great neighborhood. Small business coffee shops are favorites within that small business retail segment… but do you know how to spot a good one? No, it’s not looking for the Starbucks symbol.   The book called Coffee Nerd: How to Have Your Coffee […]

Denver Developers: To add retail or not to add retail. That is the question

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3/29/13: Denver Business Journal Denver-area developers are asking that question more often these days. With an increasing number of apartment and office buildings going up, they must ensure they have enough market knowledge. The answer usually is ground-floor retail, especially in an urban environment, or the sometimes-better choice to forgo that retail space all together. […]

Buildings on borrowed time

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2/15/13: Denver Post U.S. Bank’s timing to move out of the building at 918 17th St. about two years ago couldn’t have been worse for Mike Komppa. The founder and president of Corum Real Estate Group couldn’t find another tenant for the historic 103,840-square-foot building. He carried it for more than a year, but with […]

Rocky Mountain Commercial Real Estate

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2/8/13: Rocky Mountain Commercial Real Estate Mr. Feder has over 12 years of successful real estate brokerage experience and focuses on retail tenant, developer and landlord representation. Over the years, Marc has worked effectively with discriminating private investors, institutional investors, Fortune 500 companies, and small business owners alike. As Director of the Retail Services Group […]

Zocolo uses retail space to build community within developments

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10/2/12: Colorado Real Estate Journal David Zucker understands the reluctance of some of his fellow multifamily developers to leasing retail space in their apartment buildings.Yet, Zucker, head of Zocalo Community Development, has hired Marc S. Feder, the director of the Unique Retail Group, a division of Unique Properties, to find tenants for two of his […]

Retail opportunity lies downtown

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6/15/10: Rocky Mountain Commercial Real Estate Change is eminent and,during market conditions like we have experienced in the commercial real estate market over the last two years, I would expect even more than usual. At the beginning of this year I looked at the past, present and future to try to evaluate where I have […]